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Food Rescue Program

Our Food Rescue Program provides food to those who are hungry and helps clients make ends meet by providing rescued food from local grocery stores and restaurants. Last year, we distributed an average of 2,000 bags of food each month.

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Emergency Assistance / Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach Program provides over $400,000 in emergency financial assistance each year to families in our community to help them avert crisis.

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Baby Pantry

Our Baby Pantry is generously supported by the Harry K Foundation and provides formula and baby food, infant and toddler clothing, and diapers to ensure children thrive. Each baby pantry session, we assist over 50 families accounting for over 100 children.

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Job Center

Our Job Center assists people to write their resume and prepare for an interview, learn basic computer skills and provides individualized budget counseling.

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Day Center

The Day Center program at the Community Resource Center supports the area’s homeless population. The purpose of the Day Center is to provide respite, showers, access to laundry and food to clients experiencing homelessness.