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Emergency Assistance / Community Outreach

It is difficult to believe that in our beautiful beach towns, there are so many of our neighbors who struggle to make ends meet. Many of them are service industry workers who fall behind with their expenses when their hours are cut back in winter months; others are folks who barely live paycheck to paycheck when they are unexpectedly faced with a crisis.

Through our Community Outreach program, CRC has helped thousands in our local area to prevent eviction and utility interruption, fed the hungry, paid for medications for the elderly, and ensured that infants and children have access to the basic needs to help them thrive. During the winter months, we also offer a day center program for our homeless neighbors.

Clients may be eligible to receive assistance with: Utility Bills, Rent, Auto Repairs, Medicine and other Emergency Needs.

If you wish to be considered for financial assistance from the Community Resource Center, it’s a good idea to come prepared for your visit. Be sure to bring the following items:

  • Identification (Driver’s License, State Identification Card)
  • You will need to provide the Social Security numbers for all the members in the household. Bringing the actual Social Security cards is best.
  • Proof of residency if the address on driver’s license is different from your home address. This can be a utility bill or some other official document.
  • Proof of income (pay stubs, income tax return).
  • All household bills (phone, utilities, car payment/insurance etc.)
  • Verification of need (eviction notice, utility disconnect notice etc.)

Clients are seen on a first come, first served basis. We start seeing clients at 10 am. Sessions usually take about an hour. We begin the interview process with our last client of the day at 3 pm. During the summer, we observe abbreviated hours on Fridays and close at 1 pm.

NOTE: We are currently not assisting clients in person, but rather over the phone. Please call CRC at (302) 227-1340 and press 1 for Eleanor. We will collect preliminary contact information and details about your situation. You will email all documents to info@rehobothcommunitycenter.org or fax to (302) 212-2480. A volunteer will contact you once all of your documentation has been received.