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Day Center

The Day Center program at the Community Resource Center supports the area’s homeless population. The purpose of the Day Center is to provide respite, showers, access to laundry and food to clients experiencing homelessness.

A supervised Day Center program runs from June through August and from December through March. During these time frames, a variety of support services are available to both men and women and focus on three primary areas: case management, employment development, and mental and physical well-being. Additional structured programs connect clients to education and job opportunities, enhance life skills, educate clients about community events and emergency resources, and create opportunities for achieving self-sufficiency. The Day Center can serve up to 15 individuals daily.

The Community Resource Center hosts a staff member from the Thurman Adams State Service Center several days each week who can provide additional information and services to clients so that they are not required to travel to Georgetown. CRC also partners with Connections in conjunction with their Supportive Services for Veteran Families program; and with FHR for behavioral health services for individuals with mental illness and addictions. The Day Center is housed in the Community Resource Center and is staffed by a Day Center Coordinator and additional Program Assistants who provide specialized support to the clients.

When the supervised program is not running, clients may sign up for appointments to take a shower and use the laundry facilities. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (302) 227-1340. Clients are also encouraged to visit the Food Rescue to get food.