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Food Rescue Program

The Food Rescue program is open Monday through Friday from 10 am until 12:30 pm to provide food to those who are hungry. This program helps our clients make ends meet by providing rescued food from local grocery stores and restaurants. We would like to thank our community partners who support the Food Rescue:

Clients may visit the Food Rescue once a week, if they wish. You will receive food based on the number of adults and children residing in your household. Clients can select from a variety of products to include fresh vegetable, meat, eggs, milk, and an assortment of canned vegetables and packaged foods.

We also work in partnership with the Delaware Food Bank, Harry K Foundation and local businesses to help distribute holiday meals during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays. During the Summer, we participate as a host site for the Grab and Go children’s meal program. This program sponsored by the Food Bank of Delaware and Harry K Foundation helps feed children when they are on summer break from school. We are also the recipient of local food drives hosted by local churches and community organizations. If you would like to donate food t the Food Rescue, please call (302) 238-1968 to schedule your drop off.